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Bond Pool Trustee

The VMBB has contracted with U.S. Bank to serve as the trustee for its pool of loans. The trustee is responsible for performing the following duties on behalf of the bond funds:

  • Processing requisitions for loan proceeds;
  • Assisting borrowers with the investment of excess loan proceeds
  • Collecting loan repayments;
  • Paying investors;
  • Filing documents and information with the IRS;
  • Satisfying bond disclosure requirements; and
  • Providing audit confirmations to borrowers’ auditors.

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Download Forms

To request an advance or reimbursement of loan proceeds from the Trustee click here for the Loan Requisition for Payment form.

To appoint the individuals who may act on behalf of your municipality’s with the Trustee on your loan, click here for the Appointment of Authorized Representative(s) form.

To provide instructions to the Trustee for the investment of loan proceeds, Trustee click here for the Investment Authorization Letter form.

To obtain a sample of the Post-Issuance Compliance Procedures that a municipality will need to adopt before the loan is received, click here for the Municipal Bond Post-Issuance Compliance Procedures form. Please be sure to consult with your bond counsel before attempting to modify this form.

To obtain a copy of the VMBB’s annual Post-Issuance Compliance certification, click here for the Annual Certification of the Governmental Unit form. The VMBB will inform you when this form needs to be filed.

To obtain a summary of the division of responsibilities for Post-Issuance Compliance, click here for the Division of Responsibilities form.

Click here to view a sample Loan Agreement .
Click her to view a sample Tax Certificate.