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Download Forms


Requisition and Certificate for Payment

Use this form to file a request with the trustee for a requisition of bond proceeds. The requisition can be filed as an advance or a reimbursement. This download is an Excel workbook with three worksheets.

If you wish to copy, save or print a .PDF of the above excel file Click Here.

Appointment of Authorized Representatives

File this form with the Trustee to designate who in your municipality is authorized to file requisitions and invest bond proceeds.

Investment Authorization Letter

This form needs to be filed with the Trustee to invest bond proceeds in a money market mutual fund or in a “ladder” of investments. Contact the VMBB’s Executive Director or Andrew Sinasky at U.S. Bank for more information on the available AAA mutual funds or other investment options.


Sample Municipal Bond Post-Issuance Compliance Procedures

These are sample local procedures for the borrower to consider adopting. PIC procedures must be in place prior to the issuance of the bonds. Be sure to consult with your local bond counsel if you are going to adopt procedures that vary from the sample procedures.

Post-Issuance Tax Compliance Annual Certification

This form is to be filed by the borrower with the VMBB on an annual basis. The VMBB will initiate the filing requirement.

Post-Issuance Compliance Division of Responsibilities

Outline of PIC responsibilities for the borrower, VMBB, disbursing agent and the trustee

Certificate of Project Completion Form

Use this form to certify that the project funded with bond proceeds is complete.