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Welcome to the Vermont Municipal Bond Bank’s (“VMBB”)  investor relations page.   We are committed to providing timely and useful information to current and potential investors. Here we provide you with recent and historical information about the VMBB. You can also obtain a variety of investor materials and information.

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VMBB Debt Policy


The VMBB’s Board of Directors has adopted a policy that governs the issuance and management of VMBB debt.  By clicking here, you will be able to view VMBB’s Debt Issuance and Debt Management Policy


Annual Reports


To access the VMBB’s Annual Reports, click on the following link, Annual Reports.


Audited Financial Statements


To access the VMBB’s audited financial statements, click on the following link, Audited Financial Statements.

  • Bond and General Fund Auditor:  Mudgett, Jennett & Krogh-Wisner, PC


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